Introduction of SGT Germany

Lothar GöthelSGT is the German manufacturer of high-quality travelling cases, bags, and other superior leather products.
The brand has already been representing the masterly manufacture of leatherwear for several decades.



Lothar Göthel

Quelle: TV ErzgebirgeTraditional and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods are combined in a competent way on the basis of best handicraft skills in a modern manufactory situated in the heart of the Ore Mountains region in Germany.

ProduktionProducts of a special style and of exceptional quality are manufactured by our expertly trained saddlers and bag-makers, who are the masters of very sophisticated production methods and technologies.

Lufthansa JeppesenThe synthesis of best tradition and innovative thinking is confirmed by the confidence of the airlines Lufthansa and Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary, have placed in the SGT brand as a licensor and marketing partner for many years.