Vintage Bags

Traditionstaschen Produkt highlights

General: Vintage replica bags for various occupations, using original materials and designs, with functions carefully adapted to modern needs.


Original railway bag of the Austrian national railway made of cowhide with elaborate frame opening.

French Plumber’s Bag

Original French craftsman’s bag made of very hick, rugged neutral cowhide.

Fur Tornister

Classic leather/fur tornister (called the “Ape”) of vintage military equipment. Made of cowhide and horsehair.

Sheet Music Bag

Original vintage sheet music bag, used by conductors and musicians of past centuries. Made of cowhide with classic long grain and metal rod fastener.

Apothecary’s Bag

Original 19th century apothecary’s bag for transporting medicine and accessories.
Made of aniline cowhide.

Fishing Bag

Traditional fishing bag with attached woven wicker basket for storing the catch.
Made of neutral cowhide.
Extras: All bags are made in Germany.

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